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The airport was built in 1940, but only in the 1990s was defined as a passenger airport. Since 1994 it is operated by the GTL company, earlier it was under the leadership of the military. The Katowice airport is after the Warsaw airport one of the largest in the country. Overall, it has a handling capacity of 3.5 million passengers. The airport has two terminals, where each year about 2.4 million passengers are handled and 27,000 aircraft movements take place. Most of them are European destinations, because intercontinental flights are not possible as a direct flight. The most popular cities are Antalya, Monastir, Palma de Mallorca, Milan, Manchester, Bristol, Barcelona, Frankfurt Hahn and Warsaw. These are often served by the so-called low-cost carriers. The major airlines that operate between the various cities and the Katowice airport are LOT Polish Airways, EuroLOT, German Wings, Lufthansa, Wizz Air and Ryanair. After the recent restoration both terminals became very modern and passenger-friendly. Latest technology and accessibility ensure a pleasant stay. The ground floor of Terminal 1 provides information about the flight, the travel and hotel reservations. The staff answers all questions and often help you further. The actual flight times are listed on screens that are displayed throughout the whole airport.

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The Katowice airport provides sufficient amount of food and drinks for every traveler. There are numerous restaurants, cafes and bars, which offer national and international cuisine. They are located on the ground floor of Terminal 1 and opened from 4.00 in the morning to midnight. Also in Terminal 2 you have the opportunity to visit a restaurant. Those who prefer to enjoy a coffee or tea can head to the Café Voyage or the Flying Bistro. Alcoholic drinks you can find on the first floor in the business lounge.

In the Katowice airport you have the opportunity to go shopping in different stores. There are gifts, souvenirs, flowers, perfume, jewelry and newspaper. Most shops are opened around the clock. Even the grocery stores, such as the kiosk Relay are opened for the passenger at any time. Behind the security checkpoint you can find the duty-free shops, where you buy tax-free goods. There are primarily offered drinks, souvenirs and perfume. Most stores take part in an internal airport discount program in which passengers get up to 15.5 per cent discount on their purchases.